Popquiz Computers

Basic Computer Services

Are you in need of computer repair? Here is a list of services for residential and small business customers.





Configuring initial Desktop/Laptop setup and system tweaks.



Configuring initial Phones/Tablets/Misc. setup and system tweaks.

Diagnostic Fee
$20 (Included IN FINAL COST if repaired by us)

Diagnosis of your computer or laptops issues to help understand how it can be fixed properly.

Speed Boost / Clean Out / Virus Removal $75

Removal of unwanted programs, ads, viruses, and spyware allowing your computer to operator at optimal performance.

Operating System Recovery

Restore your operating system to pure factory defaults without backing up or recovering files.

Reinstall + Data Recovery

Back up of customer data (including all documents, pictures, music, videos, work related files, and more) and reinstall of system files.

Computer Hardware Repair
$90 + parts

Please call for a more detailed quote on the repair of any physical (exterior or interior) damage to your computer or laptop.

Business & Networking
$85-$95 / Hour

Please inquire with our team through our Business Services page for more details on how we can assist new and existing business clients. 

Hardware Upgrade
$50-$85 + parts

Installation of new Harddrives, SSDs, RAM, video cards, power supplies, CPU coolers, case fans, CD/DVD ROM drives, SD card readers, floppy drives, etc.

Custom Computer Builds
(Call for a quote)

Please call for a more detailed quote on the specifics of the custom computer you would like to build.

In-Home Service Call

Minimum $5 in-home service fee. All in home service outside of a 20 mile radius and up to 25 miles of 19136 will be an addition charge of $20.

Disposal Fee

The removal of all sensitive information and disposal of your unwanted computer, laptops, and electronics.