Email Support Service

What is Email Support Service?

Email support refers to customer queries and issues being resolved via email. With large companies and small businesses alike, it can be difficult for a customer service team to meet the needs of every interaction in a timely manner.

A business email support service allows businesses to deliver email support to their customers and clients through a partnering or outsourcing company that then assists with the email support itself.

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Why It's Needed

Quicker Response Times

Customer satisfaction can weigh heavily on how quickly their issues are addressed, and a busy company can struggle to keep up. Email support for your business allows your customers to get a timely response and resolution.

When customers understand that your company will take care of their concerns promptly, your company becomes a trusted partner.

Get Feedback

One of the best ways to enhance your customer service procedures is by gaining honest feedback from your customers themselves. This is valuable information, although many customers are more reluctant to complete a live survey, whether in person, over chat, or on the phone.

Email surveys are highly effective because customers can complete them at their convenience, allowing your company to access results in the same digital format.

Files Added for Better Service

Written communication is more professional and forthright than many other forms of communication, although sometimes a supplemental aid is needed. Email allows customers to get service that incorporates written responses as well as visual additions.

It’s also the quickest and most efficient way for customers and employees to share documents that are needed. Employees can send document copies like invoices, pictures of instructions, or shipping and processing information.

Easy Access to Resolutions

For customers, email can be the most convenient and efficient way of contacting a company. They can quickly send an email from their computer, smartphone, or other smart devices when it works for them.

Even better, they can do this without wait times for a representative, or waiting for a call back on their resolution. That makes email support by far the most accessible option for customers and shows that your business cares about their time.

It’s a Better Use of Company Resources

Customer support is essential, although it can also take up a sizeable portion of a company budget if it isn’t efficient.

Email support is generally cost efficient already, and partnering your email support service with your other customer support avenues, such as Gmail support, over the phone support and online chat support, can make an even bigger difference in the company budget.

Email is a Trusted Medium

Using email is a common daily practice for the majority of people, and it's become a well-trusted form of sending communications. Customers can know their information is more secure and private, while also having a log of previous communications should they need it for their reference.

Customers Provide More Information

An often overlooked benefit of email support lies on the customer’s end: the amount of information and details they provide when contacting your company.

Vague and incomplete customer queries can be a source of miscommunication and can significantly delay your support team’s ability to resolve an issue. Using email as the medium of contact, customers are more likely to provide ample details and information regarding their concern.

It’s far easier for a customer to copy and paste an order number, attach relevant screenshots, and provide exact details (such as pertinent dates, persons spoken to, item numbers, etc), when they’re sending an email, rather than searching through documents while on the phone with customer service.

This means your business has a wider view of the customer's concern and can address it accordingly.

It Provides an Avenue to Convert Sales

With email, a prospective customer will often reach out with questions before purchasing a product, especially if they’re on the fence. This provides service agents a valuable opportunity to convert these contacts into sales, or even recommend other products and services if the customer isn’t swayed.

A business can also use this as a chance to offer special incentives for potential customers, or those with which the company needs to restore good rapport.

Allows More Specific Resolutions

Just as customers (or prospective customers) are able to provide more detailed information to representatives through email, representatives are able to deliver specific resolutions to customers.

They can easily include all relevant information while knowing that nothing has been left out due to human error. Because even the most detailed explanation can be viewed again for reference if needed, this allows customers to pull up their previous correspondence with support and view the answer, without having to contact support again.

What we do

We strive to make every interaction as enjoyable as it is productive and helpful. We understand how taxing everyday business procedures can be, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to leverage technology to provide businesses with top tier solutions. 

Our team can help you find ways to streamline your digital processes, better reach and serve your customer base, and of course, grow your business far into the future. 

We’re more than just a tech company, we’re a company that can partner with your business to make it better than ever before. With a specialized team, industry experience, and a reputation you can trust, we’ll build a relationship with your business that enhances your business processes and helps you fulfill your business goals. 

Our goal is to make sure that every client gets the same gold star service and exceptional service delivery, no matter whether it’s a small update service or a massive system overhaul, you’ll get the same friendly treatment, meticulous work, and excellent results.

Why Choose Us?

  • Trustworthy staff

    Our team is made up of trustworthy professionals who have your company’s needs in mind no matter the situation. Before we finalize a decision or kick into a plan of action we take time to go over key questions that ensure our trustworthiness. No decision goes without tons of thought and consideration.

  • Quick response times

    We pride ourselves on providing quick response times. We understand that your time is valuable and as such, should be respected. This is why we take great care to set and meet reasonable deadlines and to return phone calls and emails as soon as possible. We aim to return all calls within 24 business hours.

  • Customer care

    Our customers are our top priority. All effort is made to ensure that you, our customer, have a great experience with our services and staff. Everything from initial consultation to end-of-business arrangements are done with friendly smiles and professionalism. No aspect of communication with our staff lacks understanding or friendliness.

  • Attention to detail

    Our highly-trained team of IT specialists have an eye for the small details that other providers may miss. Before we publish our final product, our work is combed through by various team members, undergoing intense inspections and tests. Small details that are missing or need improvement are tended to promptly and undergo the inspection process all over again.

  • Creativity

    We use a variety of creative measures to ensure the success of your business. Many of our tactics are unheard of and original, giving you a leg up on the competition when you let us get creative.

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