Hardware Monitoring & Management Service

What is Hardware Monitoring & Management Service?

We already monitor the applications and software on your computer system. However, your hardware is just as important. If there are any malfunctions on the server hardware, you may end up with downtime and less service in the meantime until the problem is fixed. 

That’s why we offer hardware monitoring and management services. We’ll detect the problems and quickly fix them to increase your service uptime. This way, we keep you and your customers completely satisfied. We’ll address any problems to prevent permanent damage to your server hardware that could cause data loss or higher maintenance costs.

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Why It's Needed

Multi-Vendor Monitoring

When IT administrators have so many parts of your system to look over, the correlation between the performance of the server hardware and the rest of your IT services is crucial. That’s where our hardware monitoring and management services come in. 

Not only do we keep your server running smoothly by preventing server downtime, but we’ll give you a single integrated console to monitor all of your server hardware components. This makes it easy to identify where your problem is coming from and whether it’s caused by the server hardware or hardware. You no longer need a separate console for different types of hardware like HP or Dell and can handle everything from one place.


You can choose an approach that works for you when you speak with us. You can choose an agent-based approach where we work with you personally, or we can help you with our agent less approaches to monitor all your server hardware.

Proactive Planning

Even before your server goes down, we can collect, consolidate, and present you with all of your performance results. We’ll monitor everything to understand the history of your hardware. This will help us plan to prevent server downtimes.


It’s not our goal to charge you over-the-top costs. This is why we provide you with a fixed monthly fee right away. We’ll calculate your cost depending on the number or monitored and maintained infrastructure elements.

Early Alerts

On the off chance that there are any problems with your server hardware or any software issues, you’ll know right away. We’ll be able to start corrective action right away, meaning that we can solve any potential problems before they become serious.

Automatic Correlation

You have the ability to look across server hardware and software all at once. Performance will be correlated across layers to help you accurately identify the cause of any issues.


Whenever you need us, we’ll be there. Even if you don’t need us, we’ll always be monitoring your system. You’ll always have a team of professionals available at all times of the day.

What we do

We work to minimize the risk of hardware failure through periodic maintenance and monitoring actions. Regardless of your hardware type, be it singular or varied, or your location, we’ll check
on your server.

Supervision of Key Components

We’ll watch your key infrastructure components to provide you with information about any and all irregularities that we notice. We do this to prevent any problems with your system, leading to less system failures and unavailability. Our monitoring services work by systematic conducting of specific maintenance procedures. This improves your stability and performance overall, preventing any recurring problems or interruptions.

Remote Monitoring

All of our services are done remotely, which means that we can have someone working on your system no matter where you are, what the problem is, and with professional tools. Our team of certified professionals will use their tools at any time of the day and will conduct monitoring

regularly on business days at specified intervals.

Monitoring Services

Once we detect a problem, we’ll notify you within an hour. No matter what time of the day it is, you’ll know if there are any problems. All of your monitoring is proactive, so we’ll also analyze the trends of your system to be sure that it continues to run smoothly in the future.

Maintenance Services

To keep your system maintained properly, every week we’ll verify the system event log and take a look at your basic performance parameters. We’ll also verify how your services are working, the operation of your network interfaces, and your basic performance. Every month, we’ll check on your security, too, and let you know what we’ve detected in the past month.

Why Choose Us for Hardware Monitoring and Management?

We have your company in mind when we work on your IT services. Our professional team is committed to solving your problems and preventing issues before they become truly big problems. It’s our goal to work with you on the day-to-day functioning of your IT services, managing your hardware and user interface. 

Beyond our services though, we maintain a down-to-earth rapport with our clients, with an easygoing approach built upon our many years of experience. We want to help you feel comfortable with us, even when you’re giving us a call in the middle of the night to check out a problem. Each of our customers are important to us. We’ll provide you with personal attention with every problem, a professional team, and all the tools you need to keep your system running smoothly. 

We understand technology well. That’s why we want to use our knowledge to keep your system running well. No matter what the problem is, we’ll be there to help with our hardware monitoring and management.

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