Managed Cloud Backup Service

What Is Managed Cloud Backup Service?

Managed Cloud backup allows businesses an extra level of security. This is accomplished by taking special care to keep their data secure. Critical files and data (or the entire catalog of system data) are backed up and stored at a secure, remote server. 

In cases of the business’s internal hardware becoming corrupted or losing data, all the files can easily be accessed and restored. Since it’s a managed service, you never have to worry about whether your crucial business data was saved if you encounter an issue. It’s all already saved
for you.

Managed cloud backup automatically takes care of transferring, securing, and storing data, while allowing a quick and complete system restoration when needed.

In today’s day and age, various network management tools are used to achieve this goal. In general, they’re filed into a number of broad categories such as network operations, network architecture, fault identification, and network engineering and design.

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Why It's Needed

There's No Accidental Data Loss

Managed Cloud backup gives your company extra peace of mind, especially where team projects are concerned. No matter the file size, all data is backed up, saved, and easily retrieved if there’s some lost information due to human error. 

You can confidently have any number of people assigned to a project, with the knowledge that the master copy of the data is safely stored on a remote server.

You Increase Your Business's Cyber Security

Every business is constantly looking for ways to be more vigilant about increasing their cyber security. Sensitive company information gets an added layer of protection when you use a cloud backup service.

This service ensures that hackers can’t access your files when they’re being transferred to or from your backup server. All transfers are securely encrypted, often at multiple security levels for the best protection. So, you can rest easy knowing your business data stays within your business.

It Increases the Efficiency of Your Business

The cloud backup service allows you to better utilize your IT department by eliminating the time-  consuming task of manually backing up and encrypting company data. This means you don’t lose valuable man hours. Now, you can put more of them into the growth of your business.

Managed Cloud backup also lends the advantage of cutting down expenses in multiple areas of your business. Your business doesn’t have to invest in extra software, equipment, or IT systems to use managed cloud backup, unlike many other data backup options. This makes for an easier transition, and much lower expense for the added security.

It's the Premier Backup Option

Out of all the data backup methods available, cloud storage is by far the most secure and dependable. You can count on highly reliable data protection, and storage that doesn’t lose anything. Not only that, but should your internal systems experience data loss, cloud backup
offers faster data recovery than any other method. That means your company can quickly get back to business as usual.

What we do

Secure Data Transfer

We ensure that your information is safely encrypted at each end, particularly during data transfers and backups. We focus on this because it is when information is most vulnerable to attack. We don’t just use one method to secure your data, either. We use multi-level cyber
security to keep your data safe.

Ensure Easy Transitions

Our cloud backup management is another way we can make your business processes easier. We can make the switch to new software and programs, simple and fast. This service includes data restoration that easily uploads to these new programs, even if they’re very different.

Make Multiple Backup Options

We can help you increase your data safeguards by allowing for a wide range of backup options. Your business can store data both physically and virtually, as well as utilize cloud storage alongside traditional internal IT storage.

Custom-Tailored Backup

We allow you to decide what data you want to back up, and how. We can facilitate the backup of specifically selected files of your choosing. However, if you need a full backup of all your data, we can do an entire disk image backup. This ensures that every bit of data has a stored copy.

Stellar Technical Support

Our team is committed to delivering the highest level of support for you and all your employees. We make data easy, and we're always here to walk you through any questions or issues your business is dealing with.

Data Backup You Can Manage Remotely

Whether you're still at the office or addressing data concerns from home, it will be quick and convenient.

Why Choose Us?

Our team works with business so well that it almost seems intuitive. That’s because we’re a team of experts from both sides: the business world and the tech world. What does that mean for you when you work with us? 

It means you’re getting a helping hand from a team that understands the needs of businesses, as well as the technology and processes needed to make it work. From the things that make day-to-day business dealings easier, to implementing solutions for large projects, we use
technology to drive business and take your company farther. 

We realize that one of the premier concerns of businesses today is protecting their data. Without proper protection and backups, your business can undergo a massive loss of data or worse, a damaging breach of security. That’s why we’ve leveraged cloud technology to deliver a better data management system. 

Our team has expertly paired this technology with an easy system that you don’t need any tech expertise to navigate and use. That’s because our Managed Cloud Backup service does all the work for you. All you need to do is let us know what you want to back up, then choose from our data storage plans.

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