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What is User Support ?

As a full-service IT company, we serve the needs of local businesses with cost-effective solutions for all computer and networking related problems. Our partnerships with commercial equipment vendors allow us to manage your companies’ systems at either a single, or multiple physical locations. Our services range from installation and configuration of your network hardware to remote monitoring & management of all computer and network related issues. Our mission is to increase the productivity of your business by tailoring our services to your specific needs saving you time and money.

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Why you need it

Everyone has IT problems. You might think that you can patch up the holes by hiring someone to fix your system when there’s a problem, but our managed IT services do a lot more than repair your system. There are many reasons why our services will be beneficial to both you and us.

Positive Outcomes

We want to do a good job. That’s our goal: to keep your IT services running smoothly. When we succeed, you have fewer problems, which means that we use less time and resources to help you overall.

Of Mind

We all know our own computer tricks, but that doesn’t mean that you want to be messing around with the computer system that runs your entire business. With managed IT services from us, we’ll allow you to keep running your business no problem

Protection & Security

You’ll have a lot of peace of mind with our managed services since we provide spam protection, software patches, and security software. We’ll continually work to protect your systems against attacks on your data, and from data loss as well.


Overall, you’ll end up paying less for your managed IT services with a full-time IT manager on board. Instead of hiring someone for every problem, you’ll be able to give us a call on the spot.


Part of our support is in the form of regular maintenance. This will mean that we’ll keep you completely up to date, installing not only the latest features but all available fixes. Everything will run reliably, and you’ll get prompts for further updates to prevent any future breakages.

IT Services

You have complete access to our IT department when you work with us. This means that no matter what the problem is, we’ll have someone there who can provide you with day-to-day support, and help you think strategically about your IT and business goals. Just call our service desk to get a solution to your problem more quickly.


We’ll help you think ahead when it comes to your IT needs, helping you plan out what you want to keep your business operating as it should. All of your infrastructures will be updated to minimize any possible viruses and crashes you might encounter.


There’s no need to wait for a problem to crop up when you use our services. We offer proactive support so that you don’t need to constantly call us to fix problems. Instead, we’ll work to identify your problems before they happen, keeping everything up to date so that there’s no downtime when you’re running your business.

What we do

Everyone has IT problems. You might think that you can patch up the holes by hiring someone to fix your system when there’s a problem, but our managed IT services do a lot more than repair your system. There are many reasons why our services will be beneficial to both you and us.

  1. Hardware Monitoring and Management

    We’ll monitor your IT situation to provide you proactive support at all times. We do this at all times even remotely, providing you with server and software updates, data backup, and anti-virus monitoring. If there are any problems, we’ll be alerted right away. Even if there aren’t any problems, we’ll manage your hardware to keep it up to date.

  2. Managed Cloud Backup

    Your data will remain completely safe as we managed your Cloud backup. This includes image-level backup, file-based backup, and support for Microsoft as well. Everything will be centrally managed to keep everything backed up and restored if needed.

  3. Network Security and Multi-Network Support

    If you’d like to add new networks, we’ll assist you with that, simplifying the overall management of your network. At the same time, we know how to enhance your security with bandwidth updates to support you at all times.

  4. Antivirus Management

    We’ll be able to deploy our antivirus products to all your workstations remotely, billing you on your monthly bill depending on whether you add or remove any licenses for the software.

  5. Help Desk / User Support

    Are you experiencing problems? No matter what problems you’re having, we are able to help you out with one call into our help desk. We have our own internal IT staff to help you out no matter what time of the day it is.

  6. Disaster / Data Recovery

    It’s our goal to ensure that your business can recover from any and all loss. Should anything happen, we’ll have a fully automated backup system installed to store your data both locally and offsite. Storage is efficient and cost-effective, not to mention completely safe.

  7. VOIP

    Our VOIP services are provided to you from start to finish, with our team experts in the best proven methods. We’ll allow you to check and confirm the voice quality of any call you’ve had with us, and will respond to any quality or user issues in your VOIP system.

  8. Email Support – Google Certified

    If you happen to have a problem with your email, it can bring your business to a halt. Our technicians know all about all types of email platforms though and are Google certified, so you can rest assured that they know how to handle everything from planning to migration, along with remote management.

  9. Website Design

    A website is key for businesses, which is why you want it to look great and stay working properly. Our managed IT services will help you build your website with branding, custom elements, and new strategies for social media integration. If your website ever goes down, our experts know how to deal with that as well.

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