Network Management & security

What is Network Management & security?

Essentially, network management is all that goes on behind the scenes of a network. When hiring an IT provider, they will set you up with a managed network – that is, a network that is monitored both from remote locations and on-site. The IT provider is then responsible for building and operating your network. 

Network security is quite similar, as it can also be done from a variety of locations and on-site. Essentially, network security is the secure aspects and security measures of a managed network. Network security management covers all of the bases related to the security and integrity of your network, which includes the prevention of unauthorized parties gaining access to your network. 

We offer a host of different network security options, a few of which include the following.

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types of network security

antimal& antivirus software

Malware, which is a term that groups together the malicious software we know as Trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, and viruses, can be prevented using network security. Malware may infect your network but remain dormant for up to more than a week. Then it will launch its assault. We offer a range of anti-malware softwares that are programmed to scan, get rid of, and fix the damage that may be caused by these softwares.

data loss prevention

DLP (data loss prevention) is a service we offer that is geared towards preventing the loss of sensitive information across the network. DLP services can prevent employees from uploading, forwarding, and printing sensitive company information in an unsafe manner.

firewalls & vpn

Firewalls act as a barrier between your network and untrusted, external networks. Firewalls come as either software or hardware. Any given network can make use of both. 

VPNs, also known as virtual private networks, encrypt the information sent between networks and their endpoints. VPNs ensure the authenticity of the communication between the two points.

In addition we also offer:

• Network Segmentation
• Intrusion prevention systems
• Mobile device security
• Behavioral analytics
• Application security
• Access control
• Web and wireless security

email security

The gateways provided by email communications are security breaches waiting to happen. Attackers hoping to gain something from your network use phishing campaigns to send recipients to websites riddled with infectious malware.

Why you need network security


Productivity increases

An employee who spends company time browsing the web is unfocused on his or her work. A network security system prevents employees from browsing these sites on the clock.

In addition, as if the problem mentioned above wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse as many of the sites that adult employees enjoy visiting contain content that is riddled with malware and viruses. This content includes adult, gambling, gaming, gossip, and potentially racist and/or sexist content.

Cost effectiveness

Using our network management and security systems is highly effective in terms of cost. It saves the cost of hiring various administrators, instead opting to hire one single head administrator that will oversee every aspect of the network. The cash saved can be directed to training, software and hardware updates, and technological advancements.

Prevention of business disruptions

Our extensive network management systems ensure that the downtime your business faces during hard times or unexpected circumstances is minimized, thus allowing business to continue as normal as quickly as possible. Downtime can significantly reduce the productivity and success of your business, making the prevention and resolution of disruptions critical.

Development of client confidence

A confident client is a recurring client, as well as a happy, long term client. The use of network management increases the level of confidence that clients have with your business. This occurs as we, your success-oriented network management company, provide simple ways for you to safeguard their personal data and maintain their trust.

What Is Multi-Network Support

Multi-Network services help businesses create fully functional global WANs. Using a hybrid cloud environment, we can provide load sharing, integration, and automated aggregation across a number of networks, hence the name “Multi-Network”.

Our highly-professional Multi-network support services aim to keep your services running smoothly and up to date, offering support whenever you need it.


How do network management systems work for businesses?

Your network is monitored remotely, giving any employee access, so long as the network has a VPN installed. Many successful businesses rely on network management to keep their connection in working order. This is why we offer remote and on-site services to our clients.

Is installation part of the network maintenance plan?

We supply constant network monitoring for a fixed price. This includes the installation of the network.

Is function improved with the use of managed networks?

Ongoing network maintenance is a critical part of the overall success of a business. A business with a strong, reliable network increases productivity and encourages teamwork.

Does network management aid in networking?

Using a managed networking company, you can indirectly influence and actively improve your networking. Network management helps your business grow by keeping your network secure and reliable, as well as by keeping your company’s technology up to date and relevant.


Why Choose Us?

    • Trustworthy staff

      Our team is made up of trustworthy professionals who have your company’s needs in mind no matter the situation. Before we finalize a decision or kick into a plan of action we take time to go over key questions that ensure our trustworthiness. No decision goes without tons of thought and consideration.

    • Quick response times

      We pride ourselves on providing quick response times. We understand that your time is valuable and as such, should be respected. This is why we take great care to set and meet reasonable deadlines and to return phone calls and emails as soon as possible. We aim to return all calls within 24 business hours.

    • Customer care

      Our customers are our top priority. All effort is made to ensure that you, our customer, have a great experience with our services and staff. Everything from initial consultation to end-of-business arrangements are done with friendly smiles and professionalism. No aspect of communication with our staff lacks understanding or friendliness.

    • Attention to detail

      Our highly-trained team of IT specialists have an eye for the small details that other providers may miss. Before we publish our final product, our work is combed through by various team members, undergoing intense inspections and tests. Small details that are missing or need improvement are tended to promptly and undergo the inspection process all over again.

    • Creativity

      We use a variety of creative measures to ensure the success of your business. Many of our tactics are unheard of and original, giving you a leg up on the competition when you let us get creative.

    • Continuous Growth

      We fully believe that our clients deserve the best that a network management company has to offer. That’s why we put an emphasis on company growth. Through the acquisition of new skills, technology, and knowledge, we aim to be ever-evolving so that we can serve you better.

    • 5-Star Support

      When you have a problem, we have a problem, and together we solve the problem – that’s our motto and we stick to it. Our highly professional team of IT technicians work around the clock to ensure the integrity of your network and the success of your business. We pride ourselves on offering quick responses and even quicker problem resolutions.

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