What is VOIP service?

A VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service provider, which is also commonly referred to as an internet phone service provider, is a company that offers its clients internet telephony service. Internet telephony service is a service that provides phone connections using the internet as the primary means of connection.

VoIp services can be used by both residential and commercial parties and are usually billed monthly via a subscription. However, they can also be hosted and will almost always cost less than a traditional phone service. This being said, VoIPs sometimes lack 911 dialing capabilities and phone directory listings among other phone services.

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Why It's Needed

Seamless Multi-tasking

Although VoIPs can lack essential phone services, they often make up for this loss through their wide array of features. One of the best is the way they're able to make multi-tasking seamless effortless.

For example, you're on a call that has you waiting in a queue. While you wait for the operator, your VoIP allows you to browse voice-to-text transcriptions of your most recent voicemails.

Device Flexibility

Worried about your VoIP crashing and leaving you unable to have a productive day? Don’t be worried. It’s actually very rare that a VoIP system goes down completely. In a power outage where the office phone is unable to be used, you can simply answer any incoming VoIP calls using your cellphone or laptop – both of which do not need to be plugged in so long as they are charged already.

This being said, you can also switch between devices at your leisure, using your cellphone during the day, office phone during the weekend, or laptop to answer after-hours priority calls.

Reduced Cost

In general, VoIP telephones land on the lower end of the price scale. Going hand in hand with this is the fact that through many VoIP providers, long distance calls are substantially cheaper, which is essential for the management of national and international businesses.

Increased Portability

One of the best things about VoIPs is that they are extremely portable. They can use any broadband connection. This means that they can be taken on world-wide travels without incurring any extra charges or surprise roaming fees. On the go, these systems can also be accessed through e-mail.

What we do

Security System Integration

In past years, the handy integration of security systems proved to be a great reason to have a landline phone or two in the office of home. The phones were able to allow building access, enable various operations, and much more with the push of a button. Until recently, many VoIP didn’t office this service. We’re pleased to say that we do offer this now. We also offer our clients door locking technology, visitor entry, and two-way conversations as well as a variety of other security measures.


These days, data is the lifeblood of many companies. It’s used to improve efficiency and boost productivity and creativity. We offer VoIP services that can be integrated with other software to collect data from voice calls. We can help you collect destinations, cost of calls, and call frequency and quality so that you can use the analyzed data to better your business.


Gone are the days of having to manually screen calls. That is, answering, sending them to voicemail, or placing them on hold. Now, without VoIP services, you can enjoy automatic call screening that won’t take your attention away from important calls. Using our services, you can dedicate a certain period of time where calls will be sent to voicemail or directed to another colleague. You can also choose whose calls to allow to go through during certain times, while any other calls made during this time would be redirected.

Employee “Whisper”

On occasion, clients will call in with very complex problems. If this is the case, you can use our unique VoIP “whisper” technology to listen in on your colleague’s calls in order to help them should they need extra information or assistance handling the matter. In doing this, the caller remains unaware of your presence, and you’re able to give advice right then and there or make note of advice to offer after all is said and done.

Follow/Find Me

This service is one of our most innovative. The feature allows you to set up a list of phone numbers that people can reach you on if you’re away from the office. These numbers will ring, either all at once, or in quick succession so that you’re able to take your calls regardless of the device you’re using or location you’re in. This can be combined with our call screening so that only certain people can contact you on certain numbers and devices.

VoIP Faxing

Although fax is not a universally used concept, it is commonplace in a number of specific markets. We offer VoIP faxing which, until recent times, was unheard of. This service eliminates 

Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive Expertise

    Our expertise doesn’t pertain to just one or two phone systems; it rings true when speaking about a variety of systems. We have experience and extensive knowledge in brands such as Nortel, Cisco, and Comdial. We know how to effectively manage, troubleshoot, and maintain these systems, ensuring their reliability.

  • Quick Response Time

    Your time is valuable. That’s why we pride ourselves on having turnaround times of 24 business hours or less and a number of possible ways of contacting us. We check our voicemail frequently and return all calls as soon as possible.

  • Caring Staff

    Our team of professionals cares about your success. We'll work with you to create VoIP solutions that better your company. 

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