Residential Membership

What is a Residential Membership?

As member you will receive 2 speed boosts per year, a discounted rate of 20% off all labor charges (Does not include hardware costs), 50% off & Priority on remote support, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, making sure your PC has the latest Windows updates & 3rd party patches updates, and a PopQuiz Computers membership T-shirt.

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Become a member!

The power of a PopQuiz Computers Residential Membership, is a yearly service for maintenance and upkeep on your personal computer. A valued service that allows your computer to run at its maximum performance and last for years! Sign up to learn more and join today!

Key Benefits


2 Speed Boost

20% Off Labor (white)

20% Off Labor

Hardware Monitoring

Automatic Patches & Firmware Updates

Remote Support

50% off & Priority Remote Support



Manage Antivirus


Theft Protection


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Free T-Shirt for new members

New member t-shirt

Free T Shirt Residential Service (no Background)

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