Point of Sale Systems for
the Restaurant Industry

What is a Restaurant
Point of Sale System?

Customers expect efficiency and ease when they visit your restaurant, and an obsolete POS system can negatively impact the customer experience. Not only that, an old system makes it difficult for your team to work and feel their best. To improve your customer service, a quick, hassle free transaction is necessary.

We can help you add to the customer experience in your restaurant, and make way for better business growth. Our POS systems take the stress off your team and make entering accurate orders quick and easy. These systems create seamless communication between the front of house staff and the kitchen, which means diners get their meals started in half the time.

With our POS systems, you’ll find efficiency and oversight that far surpasses anything your old system offered you. Not only do our systems help staff keep track of meal orders, but they also allow you full oversight over your inventory, profits, and orders, without having to change hardware or programs.

Why You Need a
Restaurant PoS System

Easy payments

A restaurant POS system makes it easy for your diners to pay for their meals, whether they use cash or a credit card. Using a POS system speeds up the process when restaurant patrons are ready for their check, and you won’t need different pieces of equipment to process card payments either.

Better staff communication

An updated POS system cuts down on a lot of work and stress for your wait staff, as well as your kitchen staff. Errors due to handwritten orders are eliminated, as is the extra time it takes wait staff to physically take the customer’s order to the kitchen. The POS system makes it easy for cooks to see customer orders the moment they come in, and keeps them in order, thus reducing the communication errors that can easily happen in a busy restaurant environment.

Increased accuracy

One of the greatest frustrations of restaurant customers is getting the wrong order. A restaurant POS system virtually eliminates inaccuracies due to human error. It provides a clear, ordered list of all that is needed, and the order that it‘s needed in. Better accuracy results in a better customer experience which will help in them coming back.

Better business oversight

A POS system will help you with more than simply taking payments and orders, you can get a comprehensive picture of your business, easily accessed in one place. You can check overall sales, verify your inventory, view transactions, individual employee sales, and get informative business reports.

Enhance inventory reporting and prevent theft

With our POS systems, you’ll be able to track inventory at every stage, whether it’s coming out of the deep freeze into the kitchen, or being tracked as it makes its way to your restaurant. When you have such detailed inventory tracking, you get ahead in preventing the loss of product.

Theft in the restaurant business often happens in small doses that quickly add up to a major dent in profits. It’s more common than many restaurant owners realize since it occurs in small ways.

With the POS inventory tracking, you’ll be able to determine where each bit of product goes, whether it’s a soft drink or a meal for two. The detailed reports show you what’s been paid for and by whom, as well as any items that have been comped for customers.

Why choose us?

We understand how important the relationship between business and technology is. Using appropriate technology can improve your business procedures and growth dramatically, and we aim to bring that growth to your business.

Our passion is providing superior products with friendly, top tier service you can rely on.

We grew out of a technology and computer company and gained many loyal customers due to our expertise and service. Before long, however, we decided to expand our services into creating technology solutions that power the growth that businesses need. With much effort and research, we evolved into the company we are today. We’ve been industry established for a long time, and we’ve provided each and every customer with the same gold standard for service at every interaction.
Our team is comprised of only the most professional, courteous, and specialized technicians to make sure you get the highest level of service possible.

Our aim is to help businesses improve everyday practices for their customers, employees, and for the future of the business. We’ll help you get a better look into the inner workings of your business at a glance, and make managing your restaurant easier than ever.

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User Support Icon

User Support

Support specifically designed for your business, and your employees that you can count on. Expert technicians are always there to help and give advice on the systems.
Hardware Monitoring Icon

Hardware Monitoring

Advanced protection against threats and equipment issues that sends a notification to help you abolish downtime, and keep your processes running smoothly.
Cloud Backup Management Icon

Managed Cloud Backup

Fully secured data backups are stored offsite and encrypted at each end for extra security, increasing confidence for both you, and your customers.
Leasing Options Icon

Leasing Options

We offer leasing options for your POS equipment, simply contact our team for more details
about your options. We’ll help you find the solutions that fit your business.
Delivery Management Icon

Delivery Management

Delivery management systems enable your drivers to exceed customer expectations with
superior service. System features include maps for your drivers, destination details, order status
updates, and queuing to organize your drivers.
Integrated Caller Id Icon

Integrated Caller ID

Integrated CallerID increases efficiency while lowering costs by expediting order input. Customer information is associated with their phone number, allowing employees to provide better, quicker service.
Order Entry Icon

Order Entry

Employees can quickly find and place to order items with the improved order entry system that incorporates all your restaurant’s menu options. Orders can be inputted from any format, whether a traditional entry or through touch screen tablets.
Text Marketing Icon

Text Marketing

Increase sales and customer service with direct text marketing to your customers. This effective marketing technique is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and
customers alike.